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Google Will Soon Launch Google Web Designer, A Free HTML5 Development Tool For Creating Web Apps, Sites And Ads

Sounds like this will be a great tool for creative people who do not have the expert level knowledge of HTML5, CSS 3 etc.


Does my business need Responsive Web Design?

After 2012, having your website developed with Responsive Web Design technique is no longer just an option. It has become the only way to develop your website so it looks good and serves well on all the different kind of mobile devices with all the different resolutions out there. Mobile devices are not going anywhere. Samsung, HTC, Apple, Nokia all the big mobile companies are coming up with smart phones of many different sizes and features. Add to that the increase of Tab users. From iPads to Nexus tabs every other Tabs/Pads do not have any fixed monitor size and often they use different monitor resolutions. How to ensure that your business website not only survives the myriad variety of existing mobile device resolutions but looks stunning on every device so you do not loose potential businesses? Read the rest of this entry »

A slideshow on Why Your Website Needs to be Responsive

The importance of Responsive Web Design should not need to be explained. However, the awareness for it is still not that wide spread. Business owners need to know why they need to redesign and redevelop their website with Responsive Web Design Technique NOW and not later. Check out this kool slideshow on what Responsive Web Design is and Why You Should Care.

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Should You Care? from QuantumCloud

Responsive Web Design Company: QuantumCloud

Why do you need a Responsive Web Design Company?

Responsive web design technique has been a paradigm shift in the web design industry. It was/is an outcome of the demand of the time. It was/is time for mobile devices. Mobile devices that rule everything everywhere. People wanting to access your website on the go using their smartphones, tabs also while sitting on the couches on large screen TVs.  What is Responsive web design really? Put simply, a responsive web design uses “css media queries” to find out the resolution of the device it’s being displayed on resizes the website layout and designs according to the resolution to show the website in a well presented manner. Your navigation does not break down and your text and images do not go out of the screen so far that a user have to scroll far right of the screen to see them. Surely that would look pretty unprofessional for your business website . Read the rest of this entry »

SPYW : Google plus taking over the google search

Google introduced Google Search Plus Your World few days ago. Weird name! Many are calling it SPYW and I don’t think any tech savvy people is liking it aside from the Google  engineers who came up with the idea and the name. The so called google SPYW is a new feature added to google search which essentially shows more personalised information added to your search engine results. If you are logged in with your Google+ account (and often times even if you are not!), your search results will include Google+ photos and posts (your own and those shared specifically with you), other people’s Google+ profiles so you can discover whom you’re close to or might be interested in following, and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest.
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SOPA bill delayed – The Stop Online Piracy Act

The infamous and draconian SOPA bill seems to have been stalled for NOW. But it will probably get back on track sooner or later. This is small comfort. But we really do not want this bill to go ahead. This is a very real threat against internet freedom and will seriously increase overhead of managing a website and promoting it on internet. The vague language it is written in can become a real threat for all websites based in or out of USA. Stop SOPA.

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Google Panda update – the bad sides of it

Google’s Panda update ( a search engine algorithm update) had been the buzzword for the webmasters and SEO specialists in year 2012. Sure, panda has produced some good results. No denying that. We are seeing some significant improvements in SERPs. There are less content farms and the so called thin-content web pages when we are looking for something useful.

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